A Mina Minute: TowerStake – The Mina Time Machine

Did you know there are 7140 slots per epoch and that a new slot is allocated every 3 minutes? With that in mind, an epoch lasts 21420 minutes, that’s about 14 days and 21 hours (or to simplify approx 2 weeks).

Above – screengrab from Mina Time Machine

Mina Time Machine, a great tool created by Tower Stake enables you to convert time to an ePoch on Mina Protocol (and vice versa) to find out exactly when the next epoch is coming up. In addition to this, you can also find out the details on ledger hash and the start and end date for any given Epoch. There is tons of useful information and it is especially useful when choosing when and where to delegate your Mina. Not to mention running GraphQL queries too!

Click here to have a look at Mina Time Machine (opens in a new tab) >

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