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31 July 22 – Please note this validator is not responding to communications and we do not recommend staking your Mina with them.

There is a common misconception that staking MINA is complicated. It actually isn’t. However there is a lot of choice when it comes to who you might want to stake your MINA with. As part of our ‘MINA Minute‘ series we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of those Block producers that are getting really good feedback from the Community. One of those is Stake with Jenni

Stake with Jenni – MINA

Where are you based? 

We are a small team based out of India. Our team members have Rich Server Management Experience. Our experience working with Top companies helped us while running validators. We know exactly how to manage systems, take regular backups and setup notifications for different events. We invest a lot of resources in infrastructure. Our team ensures each of our delegators get the best infrastructure available. We ensure that staking rewards are generated continuously without any performance-related risks.

What experience do you have in the world of crypto / staking / validating etc? 

We have been validating different Networks since last 2 years. Currently we validate Mina Protocol, Casper Network and Marlin Network .  We will be validating Solana and Skale network soon. Apart from that we also work closely with many projects during their test net phase. Some recent projects include:  Nym, Hopr, Aleo, Spacemesh, Parastate etc 

What attracted you to the Mina Protocol project? 

As per Naval Ravikant “the inevitable endpoint of crypto is maximum decentralization and maximum privacy”. Mina protocol has both of these things which is quite awesome. Also the 22kb blockchain which is a unique first of a kind concept we are going to see soon. 

How did you first find out about the project? 

Great project cannot hide longer. We found out about mina three years ago when they started to publish their technology in different platforms. It was known as Coda protocol in those days. 

How does someone stake their MINA to you and what happens when they do? 

This is a simple video guide how to stake with us (see below)

Our public key is: B62qns9cPvDwckhJXHpWZZ8b8T8oUgoF4Enpax5zNVBYYMtQwHf4Cmp
Our public validator name: Stakewithjenni.

After delegation it will take around 2 epochs to activate. After that the token holder will start getting rewards. Our fee is only 3%.

How often do you pay out rewards and can people know when to expect them? 

We pay rewards after end of each epoch which is approximately 14/15 days . 

Which wallet do you recommend people use for MINA? 

Both Auro and clorio wallets are awesome people can use any of them. 

If someone moves their Mina to a new Validator (eg, you) mid-epoch, would they still receive the rewards from the previous validator for that entire epoch? 

Our operating principle is very clear. Token holders can easily see if his/her tokens are delegated to us in any epoch on minaexplorer.com. If it is delegated he/she will get rewards for sure. So to answer your question yes rewards will be distributed to token holder for last epoch. 

Finally, what other projects do you think have big potential?

Mina is one of the best projects of this year. We also see good potential in Casper Network and Near Protocol. Also keep an eye on Spacemesh.

FOR MORE INFO VISIT www.stakewithjenni.com

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