Brand New Mina Podcast: The PodSNARK

If you have engaged with the MINA Community in any meaningful way, chances are you’ve browsed about and had a look at the official Mina Protocol Telegram Channel. It’s really great for official announcements and to keep up with news from the Mina Foundation, however we know that some people want to talk about price and that particular topic isn’t really suitable for the official MINA channels. However, don’t despair all is good because there is another excellent unofficial MINA telegram channel. It’s run by Moody (read an interview with him here) a passionate MINA supporter and next week they are launching a brand new podcast series called The PodSNARK.

For their very first show they have none other than Mina Foundation CEO, Evan Shapiro as their very special guest. In the coming weeks the team from The Podsnark will be deconstructing the MINA Protocol offering interviews and insights from a variety of experts on Mina Protocol and the surrounding Ecosystem.

Incidentally if you would like to submit a question that can be considered to ask Evan, there is a form here >

The podcast starts on Wednesday 18th of August at 6PM UTC – Click here to listen in

You can tune in live HERE and we’re hoping to also embed the episodes directly into the website, so you can always catch up on it later if you happen to be otherwise engaged.

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