Auro Wallet for Mina – new iOS Version now avaiable

A new updated version(1.0.8) of the Auto Mina Protocol wallet has just been published on the iOS / iPhone platform. Built by Bit Cat and recently successfully audited by Least authority, it is an easy to use wallet for MINA allowing you to send, receive and stake your MINA all from the same place.

Version (1.0.8):

Support currencies(USD/CNY/RUB) display
Add the address book function

Allows for multiple addresses with single mnemonic. With 12 mnemonics, you have everything. Also support for import Private Key/Keystore allowing you to import any type of Mina address into the Auro Wallet.

New support watch mode.
This allows you to easily see an addresses information without importing your private key.

Download Auro Wallet for iPhone or iPad here >

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