Light Chat | Livestream #2, Evan Shapiro

In the second of his ongoing series of live Q&A sessions, Mina Foundation CEO Evan Shapiro is back again to answer more questions from the Community on a range of subjects.

The sessions are always well worth a watch and serve as a useful insight into both the goings on at the Mina Foundation and the work being done by external collaborators.

Incidentally Evan mentions how he would like to see a directory and marketplace for all the projects developed for the Mina Protocol and this week we were able to launch our Mina (Sn)App directory with the first App (or Snapp) published. We’ll be publishing information on all Mina Snapps in the coming weeks and months, so sign up to our email newsletter and keep up to date with all our news.

Watch the first Light Chat #1 here


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