Tech: Mina GraphQL API now available

Here’s something that was first mentioned by its creator, Gareth Davies on a recent Mina Ecosystem update, but I thought it could be a good idea to post a quick article about the function to raise awareness to more of the awesome Mina Community out there.

Mina Explorer graphql

Gareth has been instrumental in some of the advancements of Mina tech (he created the Mina Explorer) and has now built a tool that allows developers to search and use historical block data through an API with a huge amount of variables including blocks, blockHeight, canonical, creator, dateTime, receivedTime, snarkFees, stateHash, stateHashField, txFees and hundreds more.

The GraphQL API functions essentially as a custom Mina archive node and the data (some of which was not easily accessible until now) is sure to be incredibly useful for developers looking to build applications and use cases based around Mina’s historical data.

Click here to visit the Mina Explorer graphql

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