Events: Mina Foundation CEO, Evan Shapiro appearing at TOKEN2049 | 7-8th Oct 2021

With the world gradually coming to terms with the fallout from the Pandemic, live events are slowly, but surely starting to become a thing again. TOKEN2049 is a Crypto event held in London this October (and later in the year in Hong Kong) and it promises to be the largest Crypto event happening in the UK for quite some time.

Evan Shaprio, Mina Foundation CEO will be one of over 100 speakers appearing at the 2 day event in the heart of central London and with over 1000 attendees coming from over 50 countries it promises to be an exciting couple of days.

Prominent guests also appearing at the event are Mike Novogratz, Founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital and former President of Fortress Investment Group, Genesis Global Trading CEO Michael Moro, prominent DeFi Investor Santiago R Santos, Fabric VC Founder and Managing Partner Richard Muirhead, AVA Labs CEO Emin Gรผn Sirer, Co-Founder Nicholas Cary, and Arcane Investments CIO Eric Wall.

TOKEN2049 is the premier event for decision makers in the global crypto ecosystem to connect, exchange ideas, and shape the industry. Attendees will gain valuable insight into the global crypto ecosystem, with a chance to exchange ideas with an established list of thought leaders, by learning about the future of the token-based economy and the possible impacts on industry and society while being the first to know about market-moving news, partnerships, and product launches. TOKEN2049 is an unrivalled global meeting place for like-minded entrepreneurs, industry insiders, investors, and those interested in how the token economy will transform their businesses and lives.

This is the community that will define whatโ€™s next in the space.
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