Video: EDCON2021 – Emre Tekisalp: Snapps – Defi’s (private) key to mass adoption

Ok, so maybe Crypto presentations don’t always have the most snappiest of titles, but this presentation by (o)1 Labs CEO, Emre Tekisalp taken from this years recent EDCON2021 event is a brilliantly fascinating and clear explanation of the way that zkSNARKS can empower developers to create amazing SNAPPS that embrace Mina’s zero knowledge proof & privacy capabilities and solve the current problems with mass adoption.

The best thing is that developers won’t need to learn any new programming language or create multiple versions of the same App in order for their Apps to integrate. Watch the presentation to find out more.

This recent presentation is now even more relevant since the announcement of a partnership between Mina and Polygon (Matic), you can read more about that here >

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