Tech: BETA & MAINNET Releases: Upgrades to the Core Mina Protocol

Mina’s ecosystem partner, O(1) Labs, has released two upgrades: 1.1.7 Stable for Mainnet, and a new 1.2.0beta6 pre-release for Mainnet.


This release includes a new security fix, critical for active block producers and SNARK workers. Many network operators who shared their contact information have already been informed and have upgraded. If interested, feel free to fill out this form to share your contact information so you can be notified about important network updates:

Please Note: The Team at (O)1 Labs strongly suggest you upgrade your node. Although not required, users running on previous versions may have issues with network participation or retrieving the latest network state.
For nodes running 1.1.5, please follow the release notes here:

For participants running any of the 1..2.0 betas, please follow the release notes here:

Questions and Feedback
If you discover any issues, please report them to the MinaProtocol Github here: 

For questions and feedback, please go to the #mainnet-block-producers channel, the team are eager to hear about your experiences with these new releases, additionally the (O)1 Labs team are also working on a longer retrospective blog with more details on the security fix and upgrade that will become available soon.

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