First 1000 Community members receive Gold Membership

When launching we were determined to build a community that supported the Mina Protocol ecosystem and to also empower its members to be an active part of the development. We also wanted these supporters to benefit directly from their support along with the features and advancements that Mina snapps will bring.

In order to do this we have created 1000 ‘founding’ Gold Members. These members were early supporters of our Community website, either by receiving our email subscription newsletter, entering a competition or creating an account on our website to review a serve in our Mina Community directory.

All 1000 members will have received an email yesterday (Tue 12th Oct) with login information. When logging in to the website for security please update your password to something new and update your username to something different (by default it is set to your email address). Please don’t post a review with your email address showing directly on the website.

In the future these 1000 gold members will be eligible for special rewards and benefits, including exclusive competitions, discount codes, early access to snapps testing and some really rewards that we can’t talk about yet, but are going to be AWESOME!

If you missed out on Gold Membership, don’t worry! We will also be introducing silver and bronze memberships in the future, so get signed up to our free email newsletter, or create an account on the website and do everything you can to support the project. Probably the best way to support things at the moment is to leave a review for whatever particular service (s) you use in the Mina ecosystem. It could be a wallet, a staking provider or just the Mina telegram channel. By sharing your opinions with the community we can build up a great resource for Mina holders, old and new.

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