Mina Protocol: The Milestones to come…

The recent Mina Spotlight event was full of exciting news and announcements (watch the full video here). One of the things announced was a clear road map for how the Mina Foundation plans to move the project forward.

Obviously the dates for these stages are not fixed and many of the steps are subject to the successful completion of the ground breaking technology being incorporated to develop Mina Protocol. However it is really exciting to know that the Mina Foundation has a clear pathway forward.

Click here to download the image from the Mina Spotlight event >

Snapps Developer Toolkit (SDK)Provide the toolkit that developers need to build on Mina. Snarky JS
Integration TestsMake it faster to develop, test, iterate with proper testing infrastructure for the engineering teams developing Mina Protocol.
Multi-Environment Set-upUpgrade (O)1 Labs infrastructure to support more networks running in parallel for Mina. Enable community to run their own networks.
WebSnappsConnect real-world data to blockchain in the most possible trustless way using HTTP
Bridge to Ethereum: One Way Mina -> EtheruemMaking it possible for Ethereum developers to access the Mina state on EVM
Node StabilityMake node operation more stable with less crashes. Example project: BitSwap
None-Consensus NodesBring access to web and mobile nodes without having to run a consensus node.

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