Video: TOKEN2049 – Scaling Blockchains Towards Mass Adoption

Earlier this month Evan Shapiro, Mina Foundation CEO was in London for the TOKEN2049 event to be a speaker in the ‘Scaling Blockchains Towards Mass Adoption’ session. Appearing at the event were (left to right – Eli Ben-Sasson – Co-Founder, Starkware, Stan Kladko – Co-Founder and CTO, SKALE Labs, Evan Shapiro – CEO, Mina Foundation, Emin Gun Sirer – CEO, Ava Labs and the session was hosted by Piers Ridyard – CEO, Radix DLT.

The sessions debate primarily centred around questions of whether current Layer one Blockchains are sufficiently futureproof for new Layer 2 solutions (such as Starkware and SKALE Labs) to build innovative Dapps connected to them that solve the critical problems facing Mass Adoption. Or will new Layer one Protocols (such as Mina & Ava) be the platforms that allow Web3.0 to become accesible to everyone.

You can also hear our Twitter Spaces event with Evan Shapiro HERE (Now translated into 4 languages).

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