Mina Protocol – 150k Twitter Followers & A Global Ecosystem

For me personally, it feels really exciting to be at such an early part of the journey with Mina Protocol. If you think it was less than four years ago when Evan Shapiro and Izzly Meckler sat down and created ‘Coda’, and only just over a year ago when ‘Coda Protocol’ became ‘Mina Protocol’, so much has happened in that time from both a technical perspective and also from an awareness perspective.

150k followers on Twitter

This week, the official Mina Protocol twitter account registered its 150,000th follower. This is such a huge achievement when you look at the amount of followers other Cryptocurrencies havre with similar market caps.

Eg, Ravencoin (on 14th Nov 2021) has a comparable marketcap and around 77k followers. Similarly Decred has a slightly higher market cap and under 50k followers.

Mina Protocol is working hard on some amazing tech, but this data shows many people all around the world are responding to in a positive way. We were very proud to be mentioned in a tweet by the Foundation as one of 150 Mina Community contributors this week and we would like to play an even bigger role in promoting and supporting all aspects of the Mina Community, whether that is in our Mina Tools Directory, our upcoming Snapps directory or from trying to cover all aspects of Mina Ecosystem news in our blog.

Global Community

We ran a quick survey this week to find out just how far and wide the Mina Community goes across the planet. It was so cool to know that we have followers all over the world!! Take a look at the tweet below to see how wide ouir reach goes! We know that for many of the community English isn’t their first language so this is a problem we are looking into solving in the coming months. We really appreciate your support, so at least we can do is provide the information in a way you can understand!

For those people who like nostalgia, here is Evan & Izaak sharing their ideas for ‘Coda’ back in July 2018.

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