Events: Evan Shaprio @ REIMAGINE | A 3 Day Crypto & Blockchain Virtual Conference

Later this week, Mina Foundation CEO Evan Shapiro is participating in what looks to be a really interesting 3 Day Crypto & Blockchain conference (Wed, Nov 17-20th). Entitled REIMAGINE, the conference tackles a different topic each day and begins with a focus on NFTs, (why they matter, how to weather the market cycle and much more).

On Thursday the attention shifts to Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or “DAOs”, including the various ins-and-outs, the different types, and what they provide to the greater crypto community. This is likely to be the day when Evan is talking but as the exact times & schedules haven’t been announced yet you’ll have to follow us on Twitter to find out nearer the time.

The final day of the conference, Nov. 19, is all about El Slavador’s recent hallmark adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender in the small Central American country.

Evan will be joining the likes of Alexei Falin, CEO and Co-Founder of Rarible, Dominic Williams Chief Scientist and Founder at The Dfinity Foundation and Nicolas Cary Co-Founder & Vice Chairman at at the virutal event.

The great thing about REIMAGINE is that the entire event will be streaming on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and starting everyday at 12:00PM PST.

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