Tech updates: New Snark upgrade, Kimchi

Someone at O(1) Labs is getting creative with their naming. The latest Snark upgrade pays tribute to everyone’s favourite Korean sidedish, Kimchi.

The update is crucial for the continued development of Mina Protocol and essential to bringing easy Snapps programmability to Mina. Participants will soon experience increased efficiency, thus requiring less computing power!

This announcement coincides with the stable release 1.2.2 of Mina Protocol, a release ready for production use on Mainnet now. To see the full details visit the Mina Discord Channel here >

To register for the upcoming Snapp Hackathon on Tue 7th December in association with ZK-Hack click here >

Tuesday 7th December – Mina
15:30 UTC: Introduction and Puzzle 6 prize presentation
15:45 UTC: Workshop – Introduction to SnarkyJS and Snapps
18:00 UTC: Event Finale

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