This week: ZK Hack Workshops & Snapps Bootcamps

ZK Hack

ZK hack – Mina

From Tuesday 7th December @_zkhack_ are running their seventh and final ZK Hack workshop and this time it’s the big one, an introduction to the eagerly awaited SnarkyJS and Snapps with @MinaProtocol. You can see the details below and there is still time to register for the event, just follow this link >

Snapps Bootcamp 9-12th December

Later in the week, another eagerly anticipated event is happening, the Snapps Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is a virtual event where participants can test out and get hands-on experience building and tweaking a Snapp (an App created on the Mina Blockchain using SnarkyJS).

The first Bootcamp event is currently fully subscribed, but there are certain to be more in the very near future and as soon as we have any further information we will let you know. Subscribe to our no spam mailing list here >

For developers interested in the project we recommend joining the official Mina Protocol discord channel here >

Things are about to get exciting!!


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