Video: ZK HACK #7 – Introduction to SnarkyJS and Snapps with Mina

Over the last 7 weeks the team at ZK Hack have done an amazing job of working with some of the best brains in the Blockchain business, presenting highly informative sessions unleashing the full power of ZK-Snarks.

The seventh and final ZK Hack got underway yesterday (Tue 8th December 21) and it is fair to say that this was the one a lot of people had been waiting for, an ‘Introduction to SnarkyJS and Snapps with Mina’. We’ve already had some amazing feedback from some of the developers who attended and you can watch the entire session below in full.

The session gave a glimpse into some of the unique capabilities of SnarkyJS and the ease in which a developer with reasonable type script experience will be able to deploy the code to create a Snapp.

This is the first of two important Mina Snapps events happening this week, the second is the Snapps workshops happening from tomorrow, full details here >

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