Video: DAOs – What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations? Featuring Joon Kim from Mina Foundation

This video is from the recent DCentral Miami

Joon Kim, General Counsel from the Mina Foundation along with Kaito Cunningham, CEO Utopia Labs, Lana Pierce, Chief Business Development Officer Pollen DeFi, Diana Dai, CMO UTU.ONE & host Manuel Alzuru discuss DAOs: What are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?

As part of the panel Joon shares some really interesting information on the way Mina Foundation may move towards DAO’s in the future and especially with regards to using DAO’s and sub DAO’s to manage the long term direction on the Mina Protocol.  It’s a really exciting concept, and it’s reassuring to know that MF is spending a lot of time and thought about the best way to move forward in the area.

If you are interested in being a part of the future for Mina Protocol we definitely recommend becoming a member of the MinaResearch hub ( It’s a new discussion space that community members are using for thoughtful and intelligent conversations around the future of Mina Protocol. 

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