Tech: Devnet – Mina 1.3.0alpha3 release

The following information has been grabbed from the Mina Discord Channel, it is a great place to find out more about the technical aspects of Mina Protocol.

Mina’s ecosystem partner, O(1) Labs, is continuously working on improvements to the core protocol and have just released a new alpha release 1.3.0alpha3 that is ready to test on Devnet! :Mina_Rotating_filled_M:

NOTE: We recommend users wait for a future 1.3.0beta release before running this version on Mainnet.

The 1.3.0 releases will expect users to switch to MINA_ environment variables in your .mina-env and in docker. Until 2.0.0, the old CODA_ variables will still be supported but deprecated and will print a new warning, so we recommend taking this opportunity to make the switch.

This release also supports the new 1.3.X archive node schema with more efficient queries for account balances over time. Many changes were included for Rosetta support as well as bug fixes and performance improvements for block verification.

Take a look at the complete release notes for more information:

Docker Images:
Devnet Daemon:
Stretch: minaprotocol/mina-daemon:1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9-stretch-devnet
Buster: minaprotocol/mina-daemon:1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9-buster-devnet

Archive Node
Stretch: minaprotocol/mina-archive:1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9-stretch
Buster: minaprotocol/mina-archive:1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9-buster

Debian Packages:
First, Set up and update the alpha Debian Repository for stretch or buster:

echo "deb [trusted=yes] stretch alpha" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mina-alpha.list
echo -e "Package: mina-mainnet\nPin: release c=alpha\nPin-priority: 1" | sudo tee /etc/apt/preferences.d/99-mina-alpha
sudo apt-get update

Then, install the package(s) that you want:
Devnet Daemon: sudo apt-get install -y mina-devnet=1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9
Archive Node: sudo apt-get install -y mina-archive=1.3.0alpha3-f7b7dc9

Visit the Mina Protocol Discord Channel HERE >

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