Tech: Introducing a new explorer for Mina Protocol – Minataur

There are some fantastic tools built around Mina Protocol, we have a directory featuring all of the most popular items and we’re also the first to bring you all the info on new Mina related tools as they are launched.

Minataur – Live Object Explorer for Mina Protocol

Today at 2:22 on the 22-02-2022 is the launch of Minataur a beautiful and richly detailed block explorer for Mina Protocol. Designed and engineered by Serhii Pimenov, the feature loaded website offers you a wide range of detailed information including…

  • Latest block information
  • Block height
  • Transaction look up
  • Epoch time
  • Top Validators
  • Total Block Producers
  • Mina Current Price
  • Current slot
  • Total Supply
  • Total Mina addresses
  • Transactions in pool

You can also drill down for additional information – blocks, Mina Addresses, transaction ID’s. In short it is possibly the most advanced and comprehensive block explorer I have ever seen (for any chain).

To visit the Minataur head to

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