Mina Block Explorer Update 5.2 by Staketab

For the uninitiated, a blockchain ‘explorer’ will show you realtime and archived data about a particular Blockchain. The most common function is the ability to look up a transaction or a wallet address, but the Mina Explorers implemented on Mina Protocol allow you to do so much more. From active validators to delegations lists, block heights, etc, etc they lead the way in terms of data availability and importantly ease of use.

There are a number of excellent Blockchain Explorers for Mina, including MinaTaur and Mina Explorer, there is also Mina Block Explorer created by Staketab.

In a week full of exciting news Staketab have announced a new version (5.2) of their Mina Block Explorer, here are the full details of the update.

New features:

-Reaching validators is now easier, social links now contain support contacts in discord and telegram!
QR-code has been added for addresses to simplify operations in third-party applications
Charts have been completely redesigned for greater accuracy and visualization quality. We will continue this work in the future.
-Autoupdate introduced for the Blocks page

Active validators

Active/inactive validator filter is implemented. We never wanted to do this, since there is no correct algorithm for determining inactive validators at the moment. However, to improve performance, and due to the ever-growing list of staked ledger accounts, we felt it was wise to do so. All validators are still accessible by the All filter. Feel free to give us feedback on this!

Search, Sorting, Filters:

-Now the table search does not work in an auto mode, but on click, which will reduce glitches on some pages
-Account list: sorting by outgoing txns was added
-Account list: filter now searches by account name
-Account transactions: added sorting by amount, fee
-Delegations list: sorting by hold time, share

Performance and optimizations:

-Improvements for the start of the epoch, so that you don’t have to wait when updating
-Improved explorer data update mechanism
-Improved staked and snarked ledger download mechanism
-New nodes added to increase data accuracy


-Several improvements on charts
-Additional periods for time intervals have been added to the Avg. Block Time chart
-Set of fixes on mobiles, UI and navigation improvements for different devices
-Now mobile devices with screen resolution of 320 are supported
-Breadcrumbs are remastered
-Explorer navigation back and forth improved
-Tooltip fixes, UI fixes as always, new messages
-Now link routes always lead to devnet correctly
-A number of bugs were carefully caught and severely suppressed

Visit the website here >
See Mina Explorer and learn more about Staketab in our Mina Ecosystem Tools Directory here >

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