Mina Blog Ecosystem Update March 2022

The Mina Foundation have begun publishing a monthly blog update to keep us all informed about the progress being made by each of their main ecosystem partners. You can read the full article HERE, the main news has to be the $92M of extra investment announced to further support ecosystem growth and help Mina build the privacy and security layer for #Web3. You can read more about that here. Many thanks for the hardworking Mina Foundation team for pulling this together for the community, it is most appreciated!


Chainsafe who are working on reimplementing Mina from OCaml into Rust programming language are currently working on an MVP demo of a Mina node that can run in a browser. This is an important step to making Mina accessible from ordinary devices (eg mobile phones) which will increase decentralization and security.


Nil Foundation are getting ever closer to the project implementation on the Mina-Ethereum
bridge. More progress was made on the auxiliary proof generation and verification, to prepare for the audit. They have also started to test a first @0xPolygon -based deployment of Mina’s state in-EVM. Where next? Solana/Mina Bridge? Well Solami sounds like a great name!

O(1) Labs

O(1) Labs have launched Berkeley QANet and is making progress on zkOracles, the tech to connect the internet to blockchain using HTTPs. To help software devs contribute to Mina’s proof systems, there’s also now extensive cryptographic documentation called the Mina Book.

Read more about these in addition to information on Minotaur Explorer, Minascan, Binance Staking for Mina, Clorio update and more….

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