New WIP zkApps from ETH Amsterdam

A great many of the team from Mina Foundation and O(1) Labs were in Amsterdam last week for several crypto events and they even had a chance to organise a zkHappyHour with community members (see below). However alongside the demos and networking MINA was also a main sponsor at ETHAmsterdam and gave away some big prizes to hackathon participants.

New zkApps

Over on our sister website we have just added 3 new (Work in Progress)MINA zkApps, here is a brief overview of them.

MinaFT – MinaFT is the first NFT contract implementation on Mina Protocol.

Minataur seeks to create an anonymous and secure voting protocol on Mina blockchain.

Dali – The project uses API to extend storage of Mina ZK Apps smart contracts off-chain on FileCoin. 

Mina zkHappy Hour

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