New Scam Mina Airdrops

We first reported on this Mina phishing attempt last year and it seems the perpetrators are once again trying to scam Mina Wallet Holders. Here is what they are attempting to do.

Step 1 : They send you a very small amount of Mina, eg .0001
Step 2: You notice the transaction and when you go to look at it you see a link in the MEMO field for a website and/or a notice about any airdrop.
Step 3: They hope that you will be interested enough to visit the website which has been created to look very similar to the official Mina Protocol website.
Step 4: You connect your wallet to the website and/or you are encouraged to give away your seed phrase in order to receive the non-existent airdrop
Step 5: They steal all of your Mina.

Please be vigilant about these kind of scams and always be careful to check the URL for the official Mina website (sometimes they will use characters very similar to try and trick you).

The excellent teams building explorers for Mina have spotted the activity and marked previous wallet addresses as ‘scam’ in their data. See what Staketab did here.

Thanks to the Mina Community for spotting these attempts and raising awareness!

UPDATE: Mina Community member Carbonara has created a website that contains a list of known phishing Mina wallet addresses. You can read more about the website here >

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