Staketab: Mina Block Explorer 5.3

Here’s a new update Staketab‘s Mina Explorer, as you can see from previous versions Ducca and the team are always looking to improve and enhance the range of features and this version (5,3) is no exception.

Have a look at some of the new features…

New network switch UI, more informative with network description and status

Validators Table: Leaderboard and Terms

-New filters: Hide anonymous validators, Show with fee only and Verified only.

Account details: Timelocks

– For accounts with locked tokens, we have added 10+ new parameters that describe in detail the status of the unlock and the process itself.

Actual value of delegations

Now you can always see the actual amounts of delegations in the list of transactions!
There is a problem that delegation transactions on the blockchain do not contain delegation amounts. We have clarified this case and now for you convenience we derive the actual values of such amounts based on the associated balances.

Internal commands

Internal commands are executed inside the blockchain without the participation of users.

Internal commands on the transactions page:

Internal commands on the canonical block details page:

Internal commands for validator on the account details page:

Account names from name service

For even more convenience, we have added new places where account names are highlighted:

– “delegated to” column in the list of accounts
– “delegated to” section on account details
– “coinbase receiver” section on validator details

More features

– New bar chart and improvements for existing charts
– Added clickable zones for tooltips if you use a mobile phone
– Now displaying transaction details for orphaned blocks


– Fixes for Mina currency update
– Fixes for tooltips when scrolling on mobile devices
– Fixes for widgets cashing on epoch change
– 50+ more fixes and improvements

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