SnarkyJS Week

UPDATED 14 June 2022: We now have some additional information regarding the links to register.

  1. The intro and developer workshops will both be hosted at:
  2. Office Hours will be hosted at:
  3. Meet the Builders AMA GatherTown will be hosted at:

Mina Protocol ecosystem partner, O(1) Labs have announced a special week of activities to raise awareness of the Mina Protocol smart contract programming language SnarkyJS. Based on Typescript the programming language will empower a generation of programmers to build smart contracts on Mina Protocol and with the zkBridge not too far away, also use Mina Protocol’s unique privacy features on other blockchains too.

The fun starts on June 20th and includes SnarkyJS learning, workshops, tutorials, dev chats, a SnarkyJS meme competition and lots of fresh content to get you building.

There will also be an upcoming announcement about our Partner’s Program — partner projects who will be testing SnarkyJS — as well as more details on the week’s events.

For the full info visit the O(1) blog here >

June 20th

  • SnarkyJS meme competition kicks off (the snark-ier the better). The competition will run for 2 weeks, with MINA tokens for the winners

June 21st

June 22nd

June 23rd

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