Exhange News: New Mina APY%’s from Binance

From time to time we get made aware of new staking promotions available to Mina Hodlrs and while we always recommend supporting the community and staking your $MINA I think it is worth mentioning these for those people who do have their Mina on a centralised exchange. Currently there are a couple of high interest Mina staking options available on www.binance.com

Duration 120 days – 29.79% (est APY)
Duration 90 days – 25.4% (est APY)

There is a couple of things to remember with these rates. The APY is the % you would receive over a year, as the lock up times are less, than you will only receive a pro-rota amount of the actual APY.

Plus, you may have to give them notice if you wish to move your $Mina from a staking account back to your spot account, otherwise you may miss some of your staking rewards. Just to clarify we do not endorse any exchange and we do not receive any compensation from any exchange. Always do your own research.

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