Evan Shapiro: Understanding the L1 Race: zkEVMs and other Common L1 Features (Medium Article)

zkEVM’s are like buses, you’ve been waiting for ages and then three come along at once. Yesterday saw big news from Scroll, Polygon and zkSync all announcing progress with their zkEVM’s projects. All three solutions are coming at the problem from a different perspective and it will be fascinating to see how Mina’s forthcoming zkBridge to Ethereum will fit into the picture.

In response to the recent announcements Mina Foundation’s CEO, Evan Shapiro has written a short medium article “Understanding the L1 Race: zkEVMs and other Common L1 Features”, together with the chart below it looks at some of the pro’s & con’s of each project.

Click here to read Evan’s article >>

click here to see full size / Check marks = Enabled, Triangles = Partly enabled/ in between, Asterisks and postscripts = Some nuance / up for interpretation
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