Events: Fri Aug 12 – Delendum Ventures online ‘ZKP Applications’ panel with Phil Kelly (Mina Foundation) & Brandon Kase from (o(1) Labs)

Phil Kelly (Mina Foundation) & Brandon Kase (O(1) Labs) are among the speakers at the ‘Applications of ZKP’ panel hosted by Delendum Ventures happening this Friday August 12, 2022 (9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT / 16:00 UTC). You can see the full details below and register for this FREE event by clicking the link HERE.

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Speaker List & Topics

1. Ago Lajko (Co-founder of Slush SDK)
Topic: ZK Rollups for App Specific Scaling

  • Design decisions and constraints apps have
  • Why L3s are the right solution for most apps
  • App rollup ecosystem: bridging and reading L1/L2 state

2. Ferdinand Sauer (Development Lead on Triton VM)
Topic: Can Machines Learn with Zero Knowledge?
Yes. This presentation covers applications of zero-knowledge in machine learning, including:

  • Unbiased model training
  • Correct model evaluation
  • Non-regressing refinement, and
  • Integral execution of secret algorithms involved in these processes.

3. Michael Connor (Cryptography Engineering Lead at Aztec)
Topic: The Potential of Private Smart Contracts

  • The challenges of designing a private smart contract platform
  • Why it will require a paradigm shift in the way smart contract developers think

4. Phil Kelly & Brandon Kase (Head of BD & Architect Engineer at o(1) Labs)
Topic: Scan of Emerging Cases, Double Click on a Recursive Game Example

  • Identity, Private Transactions, Voting, Games, Attestation of general off-chain computation, Oracles
  • Recursion: Overview of poker game
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