Events: Mina Foundation sponsors Web3J13kGames

As the world of gaming and Web3 draw ever closer it’s exciting to see the Mina Foundation become a ‘Gold Partner’ at Web3J13kGames, an event geared around a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers. The event has been running yearly since 2012 and perhaps somewhat morbidly, the theme for this year is DEATH

Community Events manager at Mina Foundation, Will Cove is a keen game enthusiast and was enthusiastic about the collaboration, “There’s an exciting overlap between building games for the js13kb competition and Mina Protocol. Games must be 13kb in size (even lighter than Mina!) and they’re written in javascript – similar to SnarkyJS. Can’t wait to see what developers come up with!”

Click HERE to find out more about js13kgames

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