Events: Mina Foundation COO, Dedata Salon, Berlin 12th Sept 2022

In addition to the on-going zk Developers Meet-ups, the team from Mina Foundation and its biggest ecosystem partner O(1) Labs have been taking part in many events and discussions in the last few months. As part of Berlin Blockchain Week 2022 on Monday, 12 September, Mina Foundation COO, Kurt Hemecker will be talking at the Dedata Salon.

Among the many things Kurt will be discussing will be, ‘What will data ownership mean in the Web3 economy?’. As a blockchain that puts privacy at the heart of its engineering, Mina Protocol is a leading light in this field and it’s also in the same week O(1) Labs will be taking part in the latest zkSummit

Click HERE to learn more about Dedata Salon Berlin 2022 >

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