Mina Protocol: Q3 Ecosystem Roadmap

As Q3 22 draws to a close, the latest Ecosystem Roadmap has been announced by the Mina Foundation. You can see all the updates and information in full HERE, you can also see a graphic below that gives a brief overview of developments. I know some people will be disappointed that #zkApps won’t be on mainnet as originally planned, but overall there is a LOT of new things to be really excited about, including developments regarding, Non-Native Token Support, zkBridge and a potentially exciting opportunity for the Mina Community with On-Chain Signaling.

The teams at O(1) Labs and Mina Foundation are going from strength to strength and like all innovation that pushes the boundaries there will always unexpected things along the way that are unexpected and challenging. I have total belief in the teams to deliver products that will be unlike anything available on any other blockchain. EXCITING!!

Improve Node StabilityMake node operation more stable. (Example project: BitSwap)O(1) LabsOngoing – groundwork for BitSwap to be included in Berkeley hardfork
zkApps Builders ProgramProgram to educate, support, and work with developers who are building zkApps, and enlist their help to improve zkApps and SnarkyJS.O(1) LabsCohort 2 started September 13th.
Document Mina’s crypto libraries and curve pointsPackage Mina’s proof system to be easily adopted by other ZKP-enabled products.O(1) LabsQ2 2022 – Completed last quarter, see Mina Book.
New Uptime Tracking SystemA new uptime tracker to accurately reflect validators’ uptime for participating in the delegation program.ONTABQ2 2022 – Completed and shared with community in July, see Discord announcement.
zkApps Software Development Kit (SDK)Provide the toolkit that developers need to build on Mina: SnarkyJS & zkApp CLI.O(1) LabsBoth SnarkyJS and the zkApp CLI were available from Q2 2022, but work continues to refine the tooling and user experience.
zkApps TestingThis is a series of phases to test the stability of zkApps on a network. Updated to: Initial Testing → Berkeley QANet → Berkeley Testnet Alpha→ Berkeley Incentivized TestnetO(1) LabsBerkeley Testnet Alpha planned for Q3 2022. Berkeley Incentivized Testnet will follow upon the successful completion of Testnet Alpha.
Non-Native Token SupportEnable creation of non-native tokens on Mina (similar to ERC20).O(1) LabsQ3 2022 – will be included as part of Berkeley Testnet Alpha
Easy zkApps Programmability on MainnetEnable easy programmability and basic use cases of zkApps on Mina Mainnet.O(1) LabsOnce Berkeley Incentivized Testnet has successfully concluded
On-Chain Signaling – NEWFeature to enable Mina holders to signal their support (on-chain) for proposed hard forks and other Mina changes.Granola SystemsQ3 2022
Non-Consensus NodesAn additional implementation of Mina Protocol in Rust, providing direct access to the Mina network for web and mobile nodes, without needing to run a consensus node.Chainsafe (to be transferred to another engineering team)Q3 2022 – Partial proof of concept delivered
Q4 2022 – Current form running on testnet
zkBridgeMake zkApps accessible from Ethereum, as well as other EVM compatible chains.=nil; FoundationQ4 2022
Enable 3rd-party, off-chain usage of Mina’s proof systemEnable zero-knowledge (ZK) enthusiasts to adopt Mina’s proof system without having to use the Mina chain.O(1) LabsQ4 2022
Multi-Environment SetupUpgrade infrastructure to support more networks running in parallel for Mina. Enable community to run their own networks.O(1) LabsQ4 2022
zkOraclesThis has been updated to two phases (see more details below).O(1) LabsPhase 1: Q4 2022
Phase 2: Q1 2023
zkRollup on Mina – NEWIncrease transaction throughput on Mina using ZK Rollup – first stage is a proof of concept.zkFusionQ4 2022
Mina Protocol Q3 Ecosystem Roadmap


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