Berkeley Testnet Alpha – New WIP Mina zkApps

Testing and building of zkApps on the recently opened Berkeley Testnet Alpha has been in full flow and here are four new zkApps (all still work in progress) that are in various stages of development.

You can view all the current zkApps on our sister website, you can also sign up to become a community zkApp tester, ready for action (HERE).

1: Canvas – This canvas is a WIP, ZK App built with snarkyJS designed to test interactivity with the Berkeley QA Net. Users can toggle pixels on and off, then the app commits the state of the canvas to Mina.
2: PageApp – With this zkApp, users can prove that they are older than 18 on the blockchain on a zero-knowledge basis using hash chains.
3: MINA NFT – This is a simple NFT project that tries to use snarkyjs’s actions/reducer feature and merkle tree. It also uses mina’s zk proof to protect the nft’s owner address from being public. 
4: zkMultiSign – This is a simple implementation of a multisignature wallet. Still WIP and Permissions are not set correctly. The general design idea is, that the protocol should work with as little offchain storage as possible.


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