Q2 2022 Mina Protocol Community Grants Announced

The Q2 2022 Mina Protocol Community Grants have been announced and as usual there are a large number of people from the Mina Community that have been rewarded for all their hard work (including us!). In fact there are so many people working on different projects in the Mina Protocol Ecosystem that it must be such a challenge for the Mina Foundation when assessing all the different individuals and teams.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing the full list you can CLICK HERE, you can also CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Community Grants Spreadsheet >

Congratulations to all the awardees, who receive a mixture of USDC and Mina tokens as a grant. The list also includes a group from the Mina’s zkApp Beta Testers Leaderboard. I know personally how hard many Mina Community members have worked from both technical and non technical perspectives, from Mina Explorers, to blogs, to videos and medium articles and from Mina Wallets to Telegram Bots, social media accounts and everything in between.

BTW There is still time to nominate someone for a Q3 2022 Community Grant, the deadline for applications is tomorrow (Oct 14th) HERE IS THE LINK. Feel free to nominate this website, we try and promote the entire Mina Protocol ecosystem equally and there is no additional advertising or commissions gained. All grants help the continuation and expansion of vital Mina Protocol community resources.

You can also see HERE the Mina Protocol Community Grant Winners for Q1 2022

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