ZkApp ‘Hello World’ Tutorial by Evan Shapiro

zkApps are smart contracts built on Mina Protocol. Currently they are not live on mainnet, but it IS now possible to play around with the code and produce a zkApp and deploy it to the Berkelely Testnet Alpha. To help developers eager to get started Evan Shapiro, CEO of Mina Foundation and the team have written some helpful documentation to get you up and running. A second tutorial ‘Private Inputs and Hash Functions’ has now been published and is available to read HERE. You can also view all the source code HERE.

In this tutorial, we will discuss private inputs and hash functions. With a zkApp, a user’s local device generates one or more zero knowledge proofs, which are then verified by the Mina network. Each method in a SnarkyJS smart contract corresponds to constructing a proof. As such, all inputs to a smart contract are private by default, and never seen by the blockchain, unless the developer chooses to store those values as on-chain state in the zkApp account. We will build a smart contract with a piece of private state, that can be modified if a user knows the private state.

Evan Shaprio

You can find the information on Evan Shapiro’s first ‘Hello World’ tutorial HERE.

We have a sister website entitled zkappsformina.com, where you can find all the current WIP zkApps.

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