zkApp: Anonymous Message Board Tutorial

While we are still a short distance from their appearance on Mina Protocol Mainnet, zkApps ARE currently fully deployable on the Berkeley Testnet Alpha. If you look on our sister website www.zkappsformina.com you’ll find at least 30 zkApps in various levels of completion. Including a potential zkApp for NFT’s and zkFusion, a zkApp for Web3 developers that are interested in the Mina ecosystem to get their project started.

The Mina Foundation/ O(1) Labs teams have just released a tutorial for a zkApp, Anonymous Message Board. You can read the full info on the App HERE, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to deploy it.

We’ll build a smart contract that allows users to publish messages semi-anonymously. Our contract will allow a specific set of users to create new messages but will not disclose which user within the set has done so. This way, people can leverage one aspect of their identity without revealing exactly who they are. So, for example, a DAO member could make credible statements on behalf of their DAO without revealing their specific individual identity.

Mina Foundation / O(1) Labs

You can also find a tutorial on how to write a zkApp here.

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