Events: New Mina zkApps from EthSanFrancisco

The teams from both O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation have been at EthSanFrancisco over the last few days and it was a fantastic opportunity for them to meet developers eager to learn more about zkApps, snarkyJS and Mina Protocol, the worlds lightest Blockchain.

As one of the sponsors of the event, Mina Foundation also hosted a hackathon with cash prizes for the best zkApps produced and as usual there were some really exciting results. There were many zkApps built, and all of the following were Mina prize pool winners. METL, CST – Clinical Static Tool, Quit Now, CarStack, Veric, Zkooter & ARGO (more info on these to follow). From all the zkApps four in particular were given special awards.

Award Winners

🥇 Best Use – AnonDao
The potential to obtain privacy while still revealing some information is one of the strongest features of zero knowledge smart contracts (zkApps) and this App allows DAO members to anonymously create DAO proposals and vote on them. Pictured below are @blocksek @asv_only from the winning team with Yoni, Jack and Jason from O(1) Labs (in the middle).

Read more about AnonDao HERE

(All pics courtesy of Mina Foundation)

🥈 Best Use – Factum
Factum is another great example of the potential of zkApps and is a general platform enabling zero knowledge proofs with the demonstrated use case of validating asset valuation (e.g. for lending/leasing purposes) without sharing non-essential information. More info on Factum HERE. Pictured below are @nicocamerino , @gwynnZambello, @parsaattari from the team.

(Pic courtesy of Mina Foundation)

Joint Third – Vmina & CompliSend
Vmina is an interesting concept to enable video content creators to sell their creations. Firstly the video data is protected from third-party access using ZKP by sharing only a low resolution version. Creators can then easily and securely sell their videos to users. Buyers know they will receive the video after payment. Everyone can trust even for high-value transactions. More info on Vmina HERE. Pictured below left are @tomoima525 @enxeth @eisukehirata @bulenttastan @luka_fuji from the team.

Complisend is KYC erc20/721 transfer with messaging and zkApp reporting to an auditor. Pictured below right are @kirill_igum, @devlyneth and @hliu09. Kirill Igumenshchev also attended the zkConnect event earlier in the week and when asked about Mina and the event commented “Our team was excited to do a project on Mina because of their most innovative technology. the Mina team was the most helpful and encouraging. we loved working with them.

You can find more about Complisend HERE.

For a list of all current WIP zkapps, visit, to learn more about zkApps follow Mina Protocol and O(1) Labs on Twitter.

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