zkApps: Cohort 0 – Tue Nov 22nd + Live virtual event

Here’s another exciting development on the road to zkApps being live on the Mina Protocol mainnet. To help co-build the future of ZK and pioneer the zkApps Era for future builders, you are invited to sign up to join zkIgnite, Cohort 0. The programme is set to begin on November 22, 2022. 

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to

  • Complete tutorials and build zkApps and get rewarded from a pool of 250K MINA*, with bonus prizes.
  • Explore and test the latest zkApp features and be a part of iterating them for readiness on mainnet.
  • Have the opportunity and support to turn your project into a ZK business in the future.

As part of the zkIgnite, Cohort 0 kick off, there will also be a virtual event with Evan Shapiro (Mina Protocol Co-Founder and Mina Foundation CEO) Brandon Kase (Mina Protocol founding engineer and O(1) Labs Product Architect), where they will discuss the latest developments in zkApps, use cases, and even do some live coding – tune in on Tues, Nov 22 at 10AM UTC-8 here


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