O(1) Labs Twitter Space – Wed 23 Nov 11am PT(16:00 UTC)

The first ever O(1) labs Twitter space was a great success. If you didn’t catch it you can listen to the recording below, click the link on the tweet (or click HERE). COO, Phil Kelly lead an informative discussion around potential every day use cases for zkApps, specifically concentrating on privacy. In the next Twitter space, Phil continues the conversation with O(1) Labs team member and Mina Protocol Architect Engineer, Brandon Kase and among the topics up for discussion are ‘Safer CEXes’. Watch this space for more info on everything Mina Protocol related and sign up for our free (no spam) Mina Protocol Community Weekly newsletter.

Real World ZK with O(1) Labs #2: Safer CEXes
Where? Twitter Spaces – follow @o1_labs on Twitter
When? Tomorrow (Tue 22 Nov 2022, 11AM PT / 16:00UTC)

UPDATE: You can now listen to a recording of the Twitter Spaces below

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