Tech: On-chain voting for Mina Improvement Proposals (MIPs)

There has been so much activity happening in the world of Mina Protocol over the last few weeks. zkApps are on testnet and there is hive of activity from developers participating in zkIgnite and completing the zkApp tutorials to earn $MINA for their work.

Another exciting development has been the push for a number of MIP (Mina Improvement Proposals) to be implemented by means of on-chain voting when the upcoming hardfork to allow zkApps on Mainnet is ready to go.

The first one of these proposals is to Reduce supercharged rewards in line with initial tokenomics. The proposal has been created by Gareth Davies, a prominent member of the Mina Community and there will be a call for community members to ask questions about the proposal and discuss further. The call is scheduled for Monday Dec 12th at 10:00 AM MST (17:00 UTC).

Click here to register for the zoom >

More MIP’s will be discussed in the near future including one to reduce the wallet creation fee to .25 of a Mina. More details to follow (watch this space)

You can also read more about this proposal in Turkish here >
Ayrıca bu teklif hakkında Türkçe olarak daha fazla bilgiyi buradan okuyabilirsiniz >

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