New zkApps: InterPlanetary Compute System, Kleio & MeDATA

The team from Mina Protocol incubators, O(1) Labs and Mina Foundation Community manager Rakesh Panday were at ETHIndia last week. In addition to meeting with developers interested in building zkApps they were also there to judge a Mina Protocol hackathon with prizes up for grabs. There were many entrants and the after careful deliberation the winners were….

InterPlanetary Compute System 🥇
The aim is to do the same thing to compute what IPFS did to storage. Essentially decentralizing the compute layer of applications among the network provides censorship resistance along with the fact that the same function evaluations between different applications can be shared.

Kleio 🥈
An On-chain discovery protocol based on individual’s browsing history with ZK to protect user privacy. The idea is to build a better matching algorithm that would allow people to discover and foster meaningful connections in the communities, based on shared interests and values.

With MeData, a 3rd party can send an array of operations supported by our protocol and the given range to the user. The user will then supply the data and query our protocol to generate a ZKP that the criteria it satisfied. If successful, our protocol emits the event that the process is successful which can be verified by the 3rd party if needed.

You can see a wide selection of current WIP zkApps on our sister website

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