New Blog Post: Solving for Blockchain’s Critical Security Flaw

There are more than a few things about Mina Protocol that make it quite unique in the current BlockChain space. For one,l it is the only Layer 1 (to my knowledge) that uses recursion in order keep the size of the blockchain small (currently around 11kb), it is also the only active Blockchain that harnesses the familiarity of Javascript in its smart contract system (zkApps – currently active on Testnet).

Another exciting near future development will be the ability to run a ‘light client node‘ via a web browser/wallet/mobile device which will greatly increase the potential for Mina Protocol to become even more decentralised.

Mina Foundation have just written a blog post that goes into some detail about ‘Solving Blockchain’s Critical Security Flaw‘, it delves into the problem of so-called ‘decentralised’ wallets and includes discussion on topics such as ensuring trust in Web3 dApps and non-consensus browser nodes and it is well worth a read.

To read the article click HERE

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