Events: New Mina zkApps from zkIgnite Builders Program

The zkIgnite Cohort 0 event has been a great source of new zkApps for Mina Protocol and below you will see some (more to come) of the awesome work done by the developers who participated. The initiative is just the first phase in what promises to be an exciting new year of events and hackathons Mina Protocol related. Please note all the current Apps listed are WIP’s and are deployed on the Berkeley testnet.

As you can see there is a wide range of functionality in the new set of zkApps, from Data attestation to strategy games, to Airdrops and Machine learning. The zkApps show the wide variety of problems that can be solved using zero-knowledge proofs and while they are still in a relatively early stage the combination of using snarkyJS (a Typescript library) with ZK and recursion baked in to build smart contracts has mouth-watering potential.

Data Attestation zkApp

Frequent Batch Auction

MEV (Maximal extractable value) & Proof of Exploit

Mina Price Oracle

Mixer based privacy zkApp



YK Proofs

Zero Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML)

ZheroTag ‘Dark Chess’

Zhuffle (Prove My Turn)

ZK-Airdrop Tool


zkApp Learning Platform


For a list of all current WIP zkapps, visit, to learn more about zkApps follow Mina Protocol and O(1) Labs on Twitter.

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