Community Grants update Q3 22

The Community Grants for Q3 22 have been announced by the Mina Foundation. These are retrospective awards given out to members of the technical and non-technical Mina Protocol Community for work done to either create a tool or service or to assist in the development of the project generally.

You can read the full list HERE, you can also download a copy of the list HERE.

According to a post on the Mina Foundation Discord channel HERE, the Community awards for 2023 will be distributed differently.

Starting in 2023, there are going to be some changes to Mina Foundation grant programs. Because of this, we will close out the Q4 2022 grant cycle with a more simplified approach: Instead of nominating others, those who have made contributions in Q4 2022 are invited to directly apply for a retroactive grant for themselves. We ask that you share details about your contribution to be considered for a Q4 retroactive grant. You will have until Wed, Jan 4, 2023, 23:59 PST to apply.
Apply for a grant to receive a reward for your Q4 2022 contribution here:

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