No BS Crypto: Is Mina the 100X Game changing Crypto Blockchain?!

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Video Description
One of Mina’s great features is that it allows for any user to connect directly to the internet, securely, quickly and without you having to share any of your personal data with ANY website. Your information will only ever have to be uploaded to Mina, and from there, Mina will connect to the website of choice and tell that party that you (the user) are who you say you are, and have the desired credentials. This saves you having to worry about information like passwords being hacked from a centralised website. The do this through their zk-SNARK technology, which I outline in the video.

It’s not only this, Mina allows for developers to take advantage of this zk technology when creating DAPPS, which Mina refers to SNAPPS (SNARK Apps). In doing this, they will have access to trust-less oracles, pulling data from the web, on chain quickly and easily. As a result, this also means that anything brought from any website, to Mina, is done completely securely and anonymously. Since Mina is so light, these SNAPPS are portable and easily moved.

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