New Mina Exploer updates by Staketab

Mina Blockchain Explorer from Staketab

Staketab has released a new Mina Blockchain Explorer and it is faster, more user friendly and more reliable. Here is the information on the main updates and improvements.


• Accelerated loading of the list of rewards. The performance is now called a ‘block win rate’.
• Added a number of explanations.


• A complete list of Mina’s blockchain transactions; and the ability to make a search on them

• New design of the transaction details page


• List of blocks with filters (general list and by validator)
• Block transaction details
• Ability to view the details of the block and any adjacent ones without leaving the description page
• List of block transactions


• List of accounts
• Account details
• Account balance chart
• Account activity
• Study the movement of funds on accounts quickly and easily thanks to the possibilities of viewing the addressee of delegations, and a coinbase receiver for validators
• Switch to delegations of the next epoch
• List of validator blocks
• Separate tabs for validator and account details and greater data coverage

General improvements

• Improved overall performance
• More recognised accounts in the database, including exchange accounts for more comfortable use.
• Signed names for all publicly known accounts whenever possible.
• Several design improvements and more

Next Releases – coming soon

• Redesign rewards page
• Snarks
• Timelocks page (locked accounts, dates of all unlocks, vestings, progress bar for partial unlocks etc.)
• Charts for all explorer pages

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