A Mina Minute with… Auro Wallet developer niuniu / Bit Cat

In the coming months we will be tracking down as many people in the Mina Ecosystem as possible. After talking to Moody from the Mina unofficial Telegram Channel, next up is niuniu, the developer of the Mina Wallet, Auro.

Where are you based?
China, Beijing

When did you first get into programming?

How long have been you been involved with the Mina project?
I participated in the Mina project (called Coda at the time) at the end of 2019 and saw it from the news related to blockchain. It took around six months to develop the Auro Wallet for Mina.

At the moment Auro is available as a Chrome and Firefox extension, is there a timeframe for the Android / iPhone Apps?
Android has now been released, users can search for Auro or Mina from Google Play to download. Apple’s upcoming release is currently under review (watch this space).

What other updates are you planning in the future?
In the future, we will support more languages. First of all, we will support Russian, but it is still being tested because of some formatting issues. Thanks to the volunteer named ‘A’ for providing us with Russian translation. Second, we will strengthen security to improve user experience.

Has the wallet been officially Audited? If not, are there plans to do this?
The audit of the Chrome extension wallet has been completed and will be released in the next few days.

What tips can you give someone to keep their MINA as secure as possible?
If you don’t understand the code, it is a good way to use Ledger when you are not sure of the safety. Auro Wallet also supports using Ledger to connect.

Do you also have a staking service?
Yes. We have a staking block node: AURO(Supercharged), 5%fee

What do you think is the most exciting thing about Mina Protocol?
Mina has a lot of surprises. 22K block size, excellent team, these are what I value most.

Download the Auro wallet here >
Visit www.bitcat365.com/en/ for more info or find @sanxiacat on Telegram.
You can see Bit Cat’s validation information here
You can also learn more about Staking Mina here >

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