Community Telegram Voice Chat : Aug 9th 4pm UTC

One of the strength’s MINA has as a new Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is the enthusiasm of its Community. Away from the official channels there is an ever growing number of passionate supporters flying the flag for the project, working to help new holders, offering advice on staking, exchanges, engaging in price predictions and discussing the future on Mina protocol til the early hours.

This Monday (9th August)at 4pm UTC the Unofficial Mina Protocol Telegram Channel is hosting another live voice chat session, it’s a chance to connect with the community, hear new opinions and give your thoughts on Mina’s long-term trajectory. The sessions are hosted by Moody and after the week MINA has had it promises to be a lively conversation.

Just try not to say ‘When Binance?

Here is a link to the group. For info on other social media groups connected with Mina Protocol click here >

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