Video: Understanding the world’s lightest blockchain (in French)

Comprendre la blockchain la plus légère au monde.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Mina’s Ecosystem branches out across the world and as our team grows we hope to be able to offer our content in a range of languages. The more we can share our news, the bigger the spotlight we can shine on the project. Watch this space and subscribe to our free email newsletter.

Here’s a new video from @lejournalDuCoin, the French Blockchain/Cryptocurrency website looking at Mina’s technology.

00:00 Intro
01:11 Qu’est-ce que Mina ?
03:45 Les ZK-proofs en pratique
04:50 Participer au réseau Mina
05:17 OCaml / Construire des applications sur Mina
06:36 Le concept de “confidentialité” sur Mina
08:10 Temps de bloc sur Mina : un point à améliorer ?
10:00 Conclusion

Here is a link to some additional information created (in French) on their website.

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