Tech: (Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard updates

Towerstake are a dedicated group of experienced system administrators, network security experts, API, web developers, and marketing experts. They provide a staking service for Mina holders and they have also created a number of useful tools to provide data analysis opportunities for Block producers and delegators using the Mina Protocol.

(Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard

One of these is the (Better) Mina Uptime Leaderboard, a tool to show who are the best performing Block Producers. The team have been working hard on some new features and these are now available. See below for full details.

(Better) Leaderboard. 

1/ NEW – Return On Investment (ROI) tab. When you click on this option on top of the leaderboard, you’ll see 5 new columns for each validator:

« Mean ROS per epoch »: you can now see the mean Return On Stake (ROS) per epoch, using data available from the previous epochs. Calculations are: Sum of total produced rewards / Sum of total delegated stakes. We use at max the last 24 epochs for this indicator.

  • « Estimated APY »: using the mean ROS, we calculate an estimation of yearly ROI (also known as APY) for each validator, taking into account compound interests and expected decrease of supercharged rewards (from This value is an average and will vary depending if your tokens are locked or unlocked.
  • « ROS Variance »: Displays the difference between min and max observed ROS over the last epochs. Lower is better! A validator can have a great APY but always check the variance: a great % would mean that either validator does not produce blocks on a regular basis, or that its performance is not stable. Validators with MF Delegation should have an advantage here as they are supposed to steadily produce blocks. 
  • « Producing blocks since »: We let you know when a validator started to produce blocks. APY for new block producers is not accurate!
  • « Supercharged ratio »: Displays the % of unlocked stake over total stake. Unlocked stake is the sum of delegations from wallets filled with tokens bought from the ICO or exchanges. This indicator shows the ratio of supercharged blocks produced by the validator. The more, the best: more supercharged blocks means more rewards! This ratio is used for the calculations of the ROS and APY columns.

You can also add any of these columns using the « Custom » tab.

These indicators will help new delegators to chose a good performing validator. Please note that estimated APY is only an estimation and that it will be updated after every epoch. Use this at your own risk and always remember past performance is no guarantee of future results! 

2/ Another big update for this release rocket: List of MF Delegations has been updated using the data published yesterday! Look for the green badges titled “MF Delegation” to know who was given a delegation. You can still find validators with first MF Delegation thanks to the grey badges titled « MF Delegation (previous round) ». A new filter has been added to properly select these validators.

You can find the Mina Uptime Leaderboard tool here >

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